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Appalachian HealthCare Human Resource Society Scholarship Program

AHCHRS has established a scholarship in memory of Dean Stultz and Samuel Griggs, both were former members of the Society who actively supported and encouraged professional growth and development. The purpose of the scholarship is to foster an interest in Human Resource Management and support the educational endeavors of students pursuing higher education in preparation for a career in the field of Human Resource Management.

Eligibility: Undergraduate Degree students in their Junior or Senior year and Graduate Degree Students are eligible to apply. Candidates must be enrolled in an accredited program and majoring in Human Resource Management/Administration or related field of study or majoring in a Business program with a minor in Human Resource Management/Administration. Full and/or Part time students are eligible for consideration.

Selection Criteria: In selecting an appropriate scholarship recipient the following areas are considered and weighted in consideration:

  1. Academic Performance/GPA
  2. Work experience, Work Study or Internship in the HR field
  3. Involvement with professional or student HR groups
  4. Articulated interest and desire for a career in the HR field
  5. Professional and Academic recommendations
  6. Financial need and other scholarship awards
  7. Residence in the AHCHRS coverage area

Note:  The AHCHRS organization is not responsible for and will void incomplete, lost, misdirected or otherwise faulty entries, regardless of the cause.  The AHCHRS organization also reserves the right to disqualify entries at its sole discretion if it is believed that the entry was received as a result of unfair or deceptive practices.  The AHCHRS organization reserves the right to modify or discontinue the availability of an annual scholarship at its sole discretion.

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Appalachian Health Care Human Resources Society Announces 2015 Scholarship Winner 

Congratulations Kristi Tocket!